Saturday, July 26, 2008

Progress in the Potty

OK so my Emanuel, who is three, is finally somewhat getting the concept of going to the potty. If we having running around the house with no diaper on he knows to go pipi in the bathroom, and the same for number two, but the moment that we put underwear or pants or anything on him he goes on himself. Since we don't want to go thru the whole cleaning the carpet thing at the time we just leave him to run around like Donald Duck, no pants and a shirt, as long as we are here in the house. Maybe it is our fault that he hasn't been potty trained yet, but after working all day and having a husband with severe back pain, who wants to be constantly on their hands and knees cleaning a carpet. My house after constant cleaning is finally going back to smelling "normal" ( what ever that is) again, I don't know if I can live with the same smell we had a few weeks ago.

Speaking of smells, I have become a huge fan of the show Clean House. In case you are not familiar with the show, is about a group of people who go into your cluttered house, convince you to get rid of all of your crap, so they can sell it at a yard sale, and then the money they make they match it and use it to give your house a makeover. Well they usually only work in the Los Angeles area but once a year they hold the messiest house in America contest where people from all over the country send them videos of their dirty, messy home. They do the same thing but instead of using the money from the yard sale to redo the house, they give the money to charity of your choice and the show will do the whole make over for you for free. This year the family that won was truly disgusting. It was a couple that lived in complete filth. The husband had a back problem and used that as an excuse to take on "hobbies". These "hobbies" included everything from computers, to airplanes to everything else you can think off. The problem is that with these hobbies, he would bring into the house everything he found on the street, into the house. The wife not only did not put her foot down, she also did not clean after them. For instance, the bathroom had not been clean for what she said to have been a whole month ( it looked like it had not been cleaned in SEVERAL months) the kitchen had one of those fly strips hanging from the ceiling, full of flies, and her excuse for not removing the strip she was to short and couldn't reach it. But what got to me was the fact that the cast kept talking about this smell from the moment they came to the house. Then when they opened a closet where they used to use to keep their cat litter at, they couldn't take it anymore. Well come to find out they didn't have a litter, they would just let the cat poop all over the closet and they never cleaned it. The wife's excuse for not cleaning? she feels depressed for not being able to have a kid and so she doesn't see the reason why she should keep the house clean. Ummmm how about for sanitary reasons? how about just so you can feel better? how about in the event that you decide to adopt a child you can give that child a CLEAN home. I'm sorry, but being depressed is no excuse to live like that. I lived thru depression myself and I even tho I didn't keep my house as clean as a whistle, I didn't keep it disgusting either. Ok so sometimes you don't feel like cleaning, but if you don't, then don't make a mess!!!!!! I just don't see how being depressed is justification for living in those conditions. And if you are able to realize that you are that depressed, then you should be able to do something about it like seeking professional help. It was so bad that even her three yr old niece asked her why is your house so dirty? yuk!!!!

Well any who you guys should check out the show if you haven't already and check out all the stuff that this guys do for people who have lost control of their home. Alright I'm going to take a nap now because I'm very tired I've been up since very early. peace, love and Souuuuuuuuuuuul.

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