Wednesday, July 9, 2008

it's not easy being green

Green seems to be the color of the past two years. Everywhere you go there is is something about how we need to go green, how are vaccines need to be green ( whatever that means) our cars, nurseries, toys blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I truly believe that we need to do something to slow down the about our planet's destruction. However this whole green thing is making me sick already. First of all, big corporations have this green thing going on but, is not ike they make the "green" things any cheaper. One good example is the disposible diapers that dissolve once is thrown out, great idea right? but has anybody looked at the prices of those diapers? hey are ridiculously high. Same thing goes for Organic food. I would love to support my local farmers, give my children food that is not full of crap, but who the hell can afford those prices? Everything organic is like double the price of the regular stuff. It's no wonder celebrities are so gone ho about the green life, they are the only ones that can afford it!!!. I would love to do something for our planet, and give my children something that I belief is better for them, but seriously how can I do that if is not made accessable to me? Right now the only thing I can do is breastfeed my little one, and yell at my husband for leaving the lights on. So if anybody who can do about those high prices for organic stuff is reading this, ( I doubt it but hey is worth a try) please don't think that us middle class folks don't care, we just can't afford to do much for our planet. Ok guys I'm off to play a little bit with my new Photoshop thing. So take care Peace. Love and Souuuuuuuul.

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