Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mental Illness

Mental illnes
I have been surrounded by people with mental illness. First of there is me, I was diagnosed with post partum 8 months after my son was born. Then there was my grandmother who suffered from alzhaimers, one of my dearests friends and her brother also suffere from depression, my sister in law is bipolar and of course my mom whose long battle with depression has driven her to become a very violent person. With so many people all women with the exception of one, suffering from so many forms of mental illness I wonder, who is doing something about it? What kind of research is being done by the government to see how we can stop this? I'm glad to see medication out there but I don't see how is really doing much. For instance my homegirl has been battleling with depression for years. She has gone thru every medication imaginable and right now she's doing worse than before.
I started thinking about all of this because I haven't been feeling too well lately but I'm tired of having to take my Zoloft everyday and I keep thinkg that there has to be something out there or someone has to come up with something to help us get rid of this damn thing that is keeping us from enjoying all of the things around us. It keeps me from being the mom that I want to be, the wife that I should be and the daughter that my mom deserves. Ok that's my rant for the day take care people peace, love and souuuuuuuul.Emma Castro

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