Sunday, June 29, 2008

What ever happened to self respect?

Yesterday, we were coming back home after running some errands and we saw a group of very young girls, no older than 16 all waring bikini tops and booty shorts advertising a car wash that they had going on. I got so angry because these are little girls dressed this way in the middle of the street screaming, jumping up and down, holding up signs for a car wash. Do the parents not know that there are perverts out there? and do they even care? Call me old fashion, a prude whatever you want but little girls dressed like they were on an add for girls gone wild in the middle of the street is just not appropriate. Then if some guy makes a pass at them, they are the perverts. I'm probably going to get attacked for what I am about to say, but a lot of women feel like they have a right to do whatever they want, but no one has a right to do anything to them.

Is like that that woman that last year grabbed Tim Mcgraw's balls at a concert. Had he turned around and grab her tits, she would've filed a law suit and probably filed charges against him. Does that sound fair to anybody? cause it doesn't sound fair to me at all. A lot of us are running around asking for respect and to be treated a certain way but how can anybody respects us when we don't respect ourselves?

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